Social Media: We Can’t Live…With or Without It

The most popular–and dreaded–topic authors ask me about concerns how to promote their book. And for many authors, when we mention “social media,” their eyes roll to the back of their heads.

We’re going to make this easy for you.

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Welcome to the second of three articles on social media posts for authors. If you missed the first article, “7 Social Media Posts for Authors,” you can read it here.

If you want to connect with current and potential readers, social media is an amazing tool. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard coming up with engaging, original content week after week.

The following seven social media posts can be formatted to fit a number of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, you can take any of these ideas, create a short video, and post it to your Youtube channel.

Seven More Social Media Ideas For You

Here are seven additional social media posts you can create this week that will help you nurture and grow your author platform:

  1. Give a shout out to a favorite charity or organization.
    If you support the efforts of a local or national charity or organization, create a post bragging about them. It’s great if their work is loosely related to your story or message, but it’s not necessary. Even if an organization you love is accomplishing something unrelated to your story or message, your support gives readers insights into what’s important to you as a person.

The charity or organization may also choose to reciprocate by promoting your book to their fans.

  1. Share an “unboxing” video.
    People love unboxing videos! Who doesn’t love an unopened package?? There’s something about anticipation and surprise that’s soooo satisfying. If you have a new release coming out, post a video of yourself opening your very first box of books and holding your book in your hands (you won’t be able to wipe that smile off your face!). If your book has been out awhile, order something online that relates to your story or message and make a big deal out of opening your package.

Be creative. How about something a character in your novel would love? Or an interesting product that readers who love your self-help book would find helpful? Or maybe you’re researching your next book on medieval civilizations, and you ordered a full-sized suit of armor online. Unbox it and try it on!

  1. Share an interesting link.
    Everything you post doesn’t need to be original content. Find interesting things online that people who love (or will love) your book would also like. Products, funny videos, websites, news, blog posts, memes, and so on. Remember, the goal of social media is to connect and engage, not constantly promote your work, so curating and posting other people’s content that your target audience will enjoy is a sweet move.

As Lisa Hawker, one of our amazing team members explained in a recent, exclusive Illumify authors’ training, you should promote your book about once out of every ten posts.

  1. Participate in Throwback Thursday.
    We don’t know who started this, but it’s definitely become a “thing” people enjoy. A photo of yourself as a kid or teenager will make your followers smile–and that’s the point, right? And if you write fiction, how about creating a “throwback Thursday” post for one of your favorite characters?
  2. Share a personal win.
    Everyone loves good news and celebrating with people they like. Post about a recent “win,” either in your writing or in your personal life. Did you reach the 100-page mark in the book you’re writing? Were you featured in a local newspaper article? Did you adopt a puppy, enjoy an argument-free day with your kids (or significant other), or squeeze into a smaller pair of jeans? Turn it into an entertaining post.

The more people get to know the real you, the more they’ll like you.

  1. Share why you wrote your book.
    What compelled you to write about the story or message in your last (or next) book? Let’s face it, you have to feel pretty passionate about something to struggle through the beautiful, painful process of writing a book. Your book is truly a labor of love. Why did you take that on? Your readers and followers will be interested to know.
  2. Thank a reader for their great review of your book.
    If you want to share an overwhelmingly positive review of your book without seeming to brag (too much), post the review while thanking the reader who wrote it. This is a fun way to celebrate the good news that your book is impacting the people who read it, while encouraging potential readers to give it a try.

Keep your eyes peeled for part three of this series, coming soon.

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