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Scroll down to review Illumify book covers with examples of author bios, author photos,  and back cover copy.

Author Bio


  • Write in the third person (“he” or “she” rather than “I”).
  • Use this description to position you as a qualified person to write your book.
  • Write it to reflect your personality/writing style. If you write humor, use humor. If you write historical fiction or biblical study, use a more scholarly tone.
  • For the back cover, limit to 40 words.
  • For the back book pages, you may write as much as you like!
    • This is where you can include hobbies, interests, and unrelated personal accomplishments.

Author Photo


  • You need a high-resolution image of yourself not only for your book cover, but for your author website and any other media outlets you’re featured in.
  • It should be 5×7” at 300 dpi (1500 x 2100 pixels).
  • If you’re able, hire a photographer. You may be tempted to just choose your favorite Facebook candid photos, but those often suffer from poor lighting, composition, and/or resolution.
  • For tips on how to compose a good author photo, click here.

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Website Checklist

Items to gather:

  • Your social media URLs: i.e.,
  • Logins for any pertinent accounts: email marketing, domain registrar, hosting
  • Author biography: click for bio-writing tips
  • Head shot: publicity photo of you, preferably professionally shot (click for tips on a great head shot)
  • Personal photos: up to ten to help visitors get to know you
  • Illustrative accent photos: to lend dynamism to your site (go here for royalty-free images)
  • Book description: what is the book about?
  • Book cover image
  • Book sales links: i.e.,

Your author website…

is your calling card for potential readers and fans. It should reflect your personality and “branding” as an author and as an individual.

Your Illumify rep is here to help every step of the way. We’ll help you gather the needed items so the process is as painless and stress-free as possible. At the end, you will have a beautiful, functional, interesting website where your future readers and fans can learn about you and your book—and be motivated to buy and read it!

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