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We are excited about partnering with you to publish your book! This Author Questionnaire provides our team with valuable information. Your deadline for completing this questionnaire is two weeks from when you were emailed the link.

Here are a few tips:

• If a question in the Marketing & Promotion section doesn’t apply to you, simply leave the response field blank (and don’t worry about those blanks—we don’t expect you to have all the contacts mentioned in this section).

• When you’re done, simply hit the “Submit” button and we’ll get it.

• If you inadvertently submit the form before it is complete, open a new link and begin answering questions from where you left off, then submit the form again. In other words, there’s no need to reanswer questions as we can combine your answers.

If you get stuck or would like assistance, contact Jen at 303.500.2384 or

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Do you have a desired deadline for this project? Please tell us if you an author event already scheduled or a sale date you're trying to achieve such as a holiday.

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